Think, believe, act—and grow rich—the surefire way!

Think, believe, act—and grow rich—the surefire way!

Wallace D. Wattle’s Prosperity Classic Updated for Today

“To become really rich is the noblest aim you can have in life, for it includes everything else.”


God’s will for you is abundance, prosperity—fullness of life! Universal Consciousness has provided all the riches and wealth you need to fulfill your purpose here. But you must know how to receive them. You can learn how by following The Surefire Method of Growing Rich.


It’s no secret that the power of achievement comes by creating, recognizing, and seizing the right opportunities when they come. You can draw all the resources and opportunities you need to enjoy success by following the Surefire Method.


This book is based on Wallace D. Wattles’ 1910 New Thought classic, The Science of Getting Rich. The language is now updated and inclusive. New and improved headings, scripture references, quotations, and summary points for study are added, making the book more useful than ever. You’ll discover:


  • Thought is the only power that can produce tangible riches from elemental substance.

  • The Universal Spirit desires to live more in you. God wants you to have all that you can use to live your life to the fullest. This includes all the money you need.

  • You make the most of yourself by growing rich. Therefore, it is right and noble to acquire wealth. Making the most of yourself—realizing your full potential—opens the door to growing rich.


Need a practical guide for living the abundant life you’ve always dreamed of? By following The Surefire Method of Growing Rich, you’ll open the door to happiness, wealth and success.


Don’t delay, start today!